Hover-1 | Eagle 3.0 Electric Scooter Black

£279.99 GBP


Your Eagle 3.0 scooter is the perfect travel companion with an LCD screen, built in suspension and 2 driving modes.

The Hover-1 Eagle Scooter is a stylish and functional form of transportation! You can travel up to 7 miles on one charge at a speed of up to 15mph. 6.5-inch wheels and built-in suspension will ensure a comfortable ride.

Ride safe at night with the ultra-bright headlight and, brake light and reflectors. A fully integrated LCD display lets you switch between the 2 driving modes (Eco and Sport), activate cruise control and check your speed and battery. Out of power? Easily fold away your Eagle and put on charge and you’ll be back out there in up to 5 hours!

  • You can zoom around at up to 15 mph
  • IP4X4 water resistance rating means a puddle or a bit of rain won't stop you
  • Find an LED display on the handlebars, where you can manage speed, battery, cruise control, headlights, + more
  • Front and rear LED lights plus shiny reflectors will make it so you're safe and visible any time of day
  • The 300 W motor can handle up to a 10 degree hill incline

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