JBL | 4 Channel 70Wx4 Multi-Channel Amplifier

£229.99 GBP

The four-channel amplifier club A754 is able to give out 75 W of clean, undistorted power for each channel. It can be used not only to connect front and rear speakers, but also to combine a couple of channels into a bridge to work on a subwoofer, with the power of 200 W. With additional high-level inputs, you can integrate club A754 into almost any audio system, including with the preservation of a regular head unit. Filters of upper and lower frequencies allow you to achieve the ideal harmonization of speakers with a subwoofer.


  • Compact size
  • Linear and high-level inputs
  • Adjustable filters low noise and distortion
  • Advanced input sensitivity adjustment
  • Full set of latches
  • Additional linear outputs
  • Class H gain technology
  • Selection of amplifier mode


  • 1 amplifier club A754,
  • 4 fuse 30A (2 installed, 2 spare),
  • 4 RCA adapter,
  • 4 screws M4 x 53mm,
  • 1 user manual

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