JBL | Stage2 9634 3-Way Car Audio Set - 420 Watt Oval Car Speakers

£69.99 GBP
  • The JBL Stage2 9634 car speakers bring the JBL concert experience to your car, truck or SUV. The Stage 2 in-dash speakers are a three-way system, making them a powerful upgrade for low-powered factory-installed car audio systems.

  • The Stage2 JBL loudspeaker's polypropylene woofer is designed for maximum strength and sensitivity, delivering powerful performance in the ultra-low frequency range right on target

  • The woofer is coupled to a PEI balanced dome tweeter for a sound signature with clear high-end frequencies, which means simply enjoying the clean sound as the musician intended.

  • The goal of the Stage2 JBL speaker was to provide great JBL sound at a great price. Stage 2 JBL car speakers are tuned to deliver the consistent JBL audio performance that makes JBL so popular.
  • The JBL Stage2 car audio system has endured environmental tests that would destroy other speakers. JBL freezes the speakers, bakes them, shakes them, shines ultraviolet light on them and runs them for days at full power

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