Konix | Hetland Prime XL RGB Mousepad

£29.99 GBP


  • A beautiful luminous carpet in XL format (800x300x3mm) to decorate your office in the colors of the Scandinavian countries and to enjoy extra playing comfort. A micro USB cable is included.
  • The products in the Drakkar Prime range are specially designed for demanding gamers looking for performance and precision. Whatever your favorite genre of games, compete against the best and you'll be the winner!
  • Enjoy a mouse pad with illuminated edges with 7 fluorescent colors. Switch colors with just one button and also enjoy two flashing effects and a breathing effect.
  • This mouse pad has a smooth microfiber surface for perfect gliding and allows you to control your mouse with precision, as well as a non-slip rubber base for the best possible grip.
  • Enjoy a beautifully decorated carpet with a Scandinavian illustration and the rainbow of RGB lights, which will accompany you on your video game journeys.

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