Paw Patrol | Bluetooth Headphones with Child Friendly Volume & Charging Cable

£29.99 GBP

Listen to your favourite playlist.. Anywhere, anytime with these high quality Paw Patrol Bluetooth headphones. They are equipped with volume limitation to protect hearing. Wirelessly connect your audio device & with a soft, comfortable fit with an adjustable headband makes listening a pleasure. Enter a world of your own and enjoy crisp quality sound. Playing Time: 10 hours at max volume - Recharge Time: 2 hours. Driver Unit: 40mm - Frequency Response: 20hz to 20khz - Sensitivity: Under 90dB +/- 3dB.


  • Kid friendly sound levels: These headphones come equipped with a built-in volume limiter to provide a safe and optimal listening experience for your children.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Connect to any audio device with Bluetooth connectivity and listen to whatever you like.
  • Comfort & Quality: Padded soft ear cushions and an adjustable headband allows for a comfortable custom fit.
  • New Design: New model with extra added comfort and sound!
  • The Perfect Gift: The Perfect Gift for any Paw Patrol Fan.

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