The Next Beat by Tiësto, DJ Decks For Beginners, DJ Controller, DJ Mixer

£279.99 GBP


DJ and Grammy Award Winning Producer Tiësto teams with Beatport and Eldohm to launch A DJ Midi Controller for Beginner DJs.

  • "The Godfather" of EDM
  • In the top 10 best DJs in the world for 20 years

The Next Beat by Tiësto is a powerful instrument for anyone who wants to learn the craft of being a DJ. The DJ set can be used with a PC, Mac or iOS smartphone and is easy to connect, start up and bring with you.

In-browser DJ app:
Through Beatport’s in-browser DJ app on the Platform of The Next Beat (Windows and Mac) you can learn and play at the same time.

Including DJ classes:
Enter your voucher code (included) and start your classes on thenextbeat.dj today. You’ll be guided from your first mix to your first gig.

Beatport subscription:
The Next Beat by Tiësto offers a free trial period of 30 days on Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK. This gives you access to over 6 million DJ mixes and hits from around the world.

Analogue audio input:
Use your mobile device as a sound source and listen to it via your DJ controller with the RCA cable. This allows you to connect your speakers and headphones at the same time.

Bluetooth connection:
Use your DJ controller in combination with an app on your mobile device via Bluetooth and connect your DJ app this way.

Audio mixer:
The controller has a built-in audio mixer (centre section) with cue, EQ, and level faders, crossfader, gains and clear level meter (VU Meter).

You can lock the current key (keep the track within the key, such as A, B, G).

You can play sound effects (samples) per deck.

Sound card:
Professional 4 channel sound card (2x stereo) for headphones and master output for your speakers.

A microphone input with 6.3 MM jack and microphone volume control.

Jog Wheel:
The Jog wheel has an illuminated LED ring and a touch area on top.

Connect your device, such as a computer or laptop, with a USB cable. This also powers the DJ controller.

Browse & Load track:
Select and load tracks directly from your DJ controller with the browse button and load buttons from your DJ app.

3 FX Buttons:
Three effects buttons per deck for instant control of your favourite effects, including FX level and FX parameters, directly from your DJ app.

Automatically sync your tracks using the sync button on your deck. Beat matching can be that easy.

Hot Cues:
Select 8 cue points per deck to simplify mixing with the hot cues.

Use Auto Loop or Manual Loop to loop beats. Each deck has 8 auto loop choices. Manual loop lets you define your own loops during your mix.

Two separate headphone outputs, both with 3,5mm and 6,3mm jack connectors. You can also control extra volume with phones level.

Use the Wheel button to choose between pitch bending and scratching.

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