Trolls | Dual Mic Karaoke Boombox

£39.99 GBP

Trolls Sing Along Boombox with Real working Dual Microphones - Create the ultimate music mix! Listen to built-in music, or connect any audio device to record and save song samples from your favourite playlists. You can even record your own voice, add vocal effects, and more!


  • Effects: Built-in vocal effects make you sound like a pro.
  • Built-in Music: Sing along to built-in music.
  • Studio Session: Lay down your own musical "Tracks" and build your own amazing recordings.
  • External Sound: Connect your audio device for karaoke or to record your music.
  • Disco Vibes: Flashing Ambient Lighting to the music.
  • Gifting: This item will make the Perfect Gift for any Trolls Fan.

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